Art Saved My Life, it represents my transformation. I want it to be a reminder for you in the same way…


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Rising From The Ashes


Upgrade your space with Dax’s collection of “Art of War” motivational art prints.

Designed to ignite your inner fire to conquer life’s challenges. These prints are the ultimate statement pieces for any room.

Handcrafted with my rebellious motherfucking spirit in the USA, each piece dripping with pure SAVAGERY.

Transform your walls and stand out. Buy my Art today.

Free Print (Plus Shipping):
5"x7" Museum Quality Poster Print

Series 1:
18"x24" Museum Quality Large Print
24"x36" Museum Quality Extra Large Canvas Print

Series 2: Only 20 Created
18"x24" Museum Quality Large Print
24"x36" Museum Quality Extra Large Canvas Print

Series 2 art comes with embellished print and is hand signed by Dax. Only 20 are created for each size.

Series 3: Only 5 Created
24"x36" Boss XL Gallery Wrap Canvas 
36"x48" Boss XXL Gallery Wrap Canvas 
40"x60" Boss XXXL Gallery Wrap Canvas 

Series 3 art comes with...

🥇Embellished 2” thick Gallery Wrap Canvas
🥇Unique details hand painted by Dax
🥇Hand Signed by Dax
🥇“Savage Splashed” in epoxy resin and gold flake so that your canvas is more luxurious and more durable.

Inspiration behind this Artwork: 

I was inspired to paint this Phoenix because I think we all have a lot in common with it…

Its ability to rise out of the ashes overcoming impossible odds, symbolizes the power of resilience. And our human ability to update ourselves into much stronger, braver versions of ourselves.

It’s in our hands whether we want to stand up again, come back to life once more out of our ashes, and gain victory. Or to just sit and stew, to crumble…

This ability to update ourselves, to gather our breath, desire, and strength out of our suffering Requires us to pass through a really dark phase. Maybe you can relate?

When we go through a traumatic moment we all “die a little bit.” We let go of a part of us that will never come back, that will never be the same again.

Let this Phoenix be your daily reminder to keep moving forward with your head held high and your wings wide open.

Original available.

Customer Reviews

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Def recommend!!

Dax made another awesome piece. Happy to add the rising from the ashes piece to my collection in my office!

Amazing work from an awesome artist!

Love Dax’s work and you can tell he really puts his soul into this art!

Wow & amazing

Dax is an amazing artist and he doesn't play games he is not only super on point with his content but his art is next level definitely grab some of his art asap before its all gone

Chad LaRoche
Rising from the Ashes

Dax is an Artist I discovered on Instagram. His work speaks for itself. High quality prints & canvas paintings to make any room in your house shine with his divine artistry. I framed my series 1 18x24 print. The shipping package was also top tier to protect your new art.

Ben Flake

Rising From The Ashes