Art Saved My Life, it represents my transformation. I want it to be a reminder for you in the same way…


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“After losing my best friend to gang violence, I turned my Life around and now I do Art that celebrates iconic legends. Telling stories of determination, bravery, and transformation through visual representation.” -Dax
Dax has done art since an early age, and after turning his life around he practiced Art and got into tattooing. He became recognize for his Award winning Portrait and unique ability to design Detailed Tattoo Sleeves- that tell his clients Core Life stories.
After paving his own unique lane in the Tattoo industry, He then went on to contribute back and help thousands of tattooers improve their skills and brands through online courses and seminars before getting back to his own art. 

Recently he’s opened a new Art studio in the Art district of Miami, FL and is emerging quickly in the Fine Art & NFT space. His work is featured in Various Miami Galleries, and this years Art Basel Week @ The Red Dot Museum.

His Artwork celebrates turning a negative lifestyle into a positive, overcoming adversity and using it as your unique gift in this world. His Artwork stands out for its Size, Message behind the individual piece, and his black n grey details, with subtle colorful accents -Symbolizing the magic that can be found in the struggle. 
Dax’s Artwork currently hangs on some of the most iconic entrepreneurs, musicians, and athletes of our time. 

Some of his public client list includes: Michael Jordan’s Trainer Tim Grover, Lions Not Sheep CEO Sean Whalen, Andy Friselli,  Grant Cardone, NFL star Eddie “Bojack “ Jackson, German World Cup star Edson Braafield, Rapper and Marijuana Enthusiast J-Diggs, Frank kern, Todd Brown.