Art Saved My Life, it represents my transformation. I want it to be a reminder for you in the same way…


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The Marble And The Sculptor


Upgrade your space with Dax’s collection of “Art of War” motivational art prints.

Designed to ignite your inner fire to conquer life’s challenges. These prints are the ultimate statement pieces for any room.

Handcrafted with my rebellious motherfucking spirit in the USA, each piece dripping with pure SAVAGERY.

Transform your walls and stand out. Buy my Art today.

Free Print (Plus Shipping):
5"x7" Museum Quality Poster Print

Series 1:
18"x24" Museum Quality Large Print
24"x36" Museum Quality Extra Large Canvas Print

Series 2: Only 20 Created
18"x24" Museum Quality Large Print
24"x36" Museum Quality Extra Large Canvas Print

Series 2 art comes with embellished print and is hand signed by Dax. Only 20 are created for each size.

Series 3: Only 5 Created
24"x36" Boss XL Gallery Wrap Canvas 
36"x48" Boss XXL Gallery Wrap Canvas 
40"x60" Boss XXXL Gallery Wrap Canvas 

Series 3 art comes with...

🥇Embellished 2” thick Gallery Wrap Canvas
🥇Unique details hand painted by Dax
🥇Hand Signed by Dax
🥇“Savage Splashed” in epoxy resin and gold flake so that your canvas is more luxurious and more durable.

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, he is both the marble and the sculptor”

This quote reminds me of all the hardships I had to overcome early on in life…

Which ended up being the BEST thing that could happen to me because I realized I had the power to change.

We all CHOOSE what we want to be.

You sculpt your own statue.

You can choose to be rich smart wise and brave.

You can choose to be a Legend to your people.

You can choose to impact the world and leave a mark.

You get to choose whether your a Savage, an average, or even a sweet little pastry boy.

You get to CHOOSE.

You decide with the daily actions you take.

how you spend your time…

What you consume…

What you do….

That is the beauty of life.

It is completely up to you.

That is the message behind this painting and why I’m sharing it with you today!

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I keep this piece in my room to remind myself I’m always building and working towards my goal. And I liked it so much I got my friend a print, and now he’s going to hang it in his office at work! A real source of inspiration.